December 19, 2022

10 Profitable Business Opportunities in South Africa In 2022 – Income Creatives

I’ll share with you ten smart business opportunities in South Africa worth pursuing this year.

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Untapped Business Opportunities in South Africa
00:00 Intro
01:48 Event Planning Business
02:42 Agribusiness
03:33 Cleaning and Laundry Services
04:28 Car Rental Business
05:13 Delivery Service Business
06:16 Vegan Food Business
07:11 Local Tour Service
08:05 Off-Grid Solar Business
08:52 Human Capital
09:39 CBD Products Business

South Africa is endowed with the best resources and markets for entrepreneurs to thrive. According to a study by the African Development Bank Group, South Africa’s GDP is projected to improve by 1.8% in 2021 despite the Covid 19 global epidemic and domestic challenges.

So, the time to do business in the Southern Republic is now if you want to be rich.
We know that South Africa is the second richest country in Africa by GDP, after Nigeria. We also know that her richness is mainly due to minerals, more so gold and diamond.

While the mineral sector leads the investment line, there are other business opportunities open to investors.

I’m going to cover ten business opportunities in South Africa that are not as capital-intensive as investing in the mining sector but very lucrative.

In this Video, I’ll try to answer these Questions:
1. What are the best business opportunities in Africa?
2. What is the best business opportunity in South Africa?
3. How can I make money in South Africa?
4. What are the best business ideas to start in South Africa?
5. What are the best agriculture business ideas in Africa?
6. What are the best business opportunities in Africa?
7. Are there untapped business opportunities in South Africa?
8. What are the best business ideas in Africa?
9. What are the best small business ideas in 2021?
10. What are the best business ideas in Africa?
11. Is starting a business in South African worth it?

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