November 5, 2022

Beyond The Frontline Episode 21 Clint Blundon ~ Veteran, Franchise Owner

Clint Blundon ~ Veteran, Franchiser Discusses His Journey In The Corporate World

Have you been considering getting into the franchise business, but not sure if it is for you? Do you ever wonder how to go about owning a franchise business? Is it affordable? How long does it take to start making money? Last episode we talked with franchise recruiter, Gary Chernow, on how the franchise business in general works; and how his role as a recruiter is instrumental in ensuring an optimal match.

In this episode, Donna talks with Clint Blundon, owner of the franchise, Payroll Vault. Clint talks about his journey into franchising after almost a decade in the military and another 25 years in the corporate world. They discuss the ups and downs of owning a franchise and how his soft skills he developed in the military helped him in his franchise business.

Clint’s Bio

Clint Blundon is a United States Army Veteran (9 years on active duty) and former Sales Leader in Corporate America (25 years). Clint is now working hard for the small business owners of Comal County with highly sought-after payroll and workforce management solutions through his franchise, Payroll Vault.

Clint Contact Information


Facebook: Payroll Vault Spring Branch, TX

Links:Payroll Solutions For Small Business

Donna’s Links


Book: Warrior to Patriot Citizen (2017)

Blog: Taking Off The Armor

IG: @thetransitioningwarrior

Twitter: @wtpc

FB: The Transitioning Warrior

Jay’s Links


Book: Breaking Average (2020)

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