November 2, 2022

Business systems: The key to business success | Ask the Expert

In this video, New York Times bestselling author, Michael E. Gerber, shares the most important thing you can do to grow your business—even during uncertain times.

You’ll learn:
– What to give up in order to create a successful business in 2021
– About the “E-Myth,” and how it can change your business functions for the better
– Five skills that are critical to successful businesses

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Introduction – 0:00
Chapter 1: Micheal’s introductory comments – 0:37
Chapter 2: Every business operates by the same rules – 1:49
Chapter 3: The tragedy businesses have to confront – 2:49
Chapter 4: What is The E-Myth? – 3:58
Chapter 5: The Technician’s Phase – 5:12
Chapter 6: Working in your business vs on your business – 7:07
Chapter 7: 1,068 business owners reveal how COVID is affecting them – 10:22
Chapter 8: The role delegation plays – 12:11
Chapter 9: What business owners should give up – 14:03
Chapter 10: The 5 essential skills – 14:35
Chapter 11: The biggest takeaway – 16:58
Chapter 12: Bonus clip with Michael’s takeaways – 18:43
Chapter 13: The simple thing you should focus on – 19:18
Chapter 14: What your strategic focus really is – 20:43
Chapter 15: Get 5 free chapters from his book – 23:11

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