December 8, 2022

Daycare Expansion Audit | Expanding a Daycare Business

If you are a regular around this channel, you have heard me repeat time and time, that when you’re trying to expand from your home to a center or into multiple locations, what you are expanding is not only the good things you may have going for your Childcare Business but all of the issues and problems that you have not solved.

Today, let’s talk about it! And not only talk about it but let me help you do a mini audit on what could be hindering you from expanding.

Be sure to download your Daycare Expanding Mini Audit PDF, grab your cup of tea/coffee, and join me!

00:00 Introduction
01:37 How I Expanded in under 24 Months
03:12 The Franchise Method
04:35 Welcome to the Channel
06:08 How to Download Your FREE PDF
06:27 Divide Your Business into these 5 Departments
15:51 How to Analyze your Audit
17:46 The Importance of Data
22:02 Understanding how to operate as a True Business
23:50 Recap
24:43 Your Next Steps

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