December 27, 2022

Episode 65: Why your MSP should phone every old prospect

In this week’s episodeIt’s the MSP equivalent of putting your hand down the back of the couch, to see what you might find! On this week’s show Paul explains how old forgotten data could uncover some brand new surprise revenue for your MSPAlso – starting to use the services of a part-time virtual assistant could be even easier than you think. Listen as Paul’s joined by an expert in the field to explain how you make it cheaper and hassle-free to get helpPlus on the show this week, why you need to create a financial forecast more than ever before. And a listener book recommendation that could even improve your business karmaShow notesOut every Tuesday on your favourite podcast platformPresented by Paul Green, an MSP marketing expertRegister for a free copy of Paul’s bookPaul mentioned the tool for tracking time TimeularPaul’s special guest was Barnaby Lashbrooke from Time Etc, talking about how best to use a virtual assistantMany thanks to John Vuong from Local SEO Search for recommending the book Give and Take by Adam GrantPlease recommend a book you think will inspire other MSPs here February 16th Paul will be joined by Brenna Loury from Todoist, talking about how to improve time management and productivityPlease send any questions, ideally in audio-form (or any other feedback) to hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.comEpisode transcriptionVoiceover: Fresh every Tuesday for MSPs around the world. This is Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast.Paul Green: You’re very welcome to episode 65 of the podcast. Here’s what we’ve got coming up for you this week.Barnaby Lashbrooke: Lots of people let the day run away from them because they’re pummelled with distractions that they haven’t planned for.Paul Green: We’re also going to be talking about why your MSP should phone every single old prospect, every single one, and why it’s a critical part of the numbers game. That’s so important in marketing. I’m also going to tell you later on how you can get a free copy of my book on MSP marketing, and we’ve got a great book suggestion from another marketing expert.Voiceover: Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast.Paul Green: I have a great accountant, his name is Rob Bowden, and he’s one of those accountants who is not just interested in the numbers, he’s interested in what’s caused the numbers. He has a real passion for business, and it’s wonderful sitting down with him talking about how figures to him they paint pictures, they give him clues, they lay out stories and tell him what’s happening within businesses. In fact, over the years as Rob has become not just my accountant but also a friend, we’ve started looking at doing some joint ventures together and even acquiring some businesses together this year. It’s fascinating to hear him talking about how you can see what’s going to happen in a business based on the historical figures and on forecasts for the future. Forecasts are what I want to talk about today because most MSPs, we very rarely talk about numbers with MSPs.Paul Green: Because assuming you’ve got managed services and assuming you’ve got lots of clients under contract with monthly recurring revenue, well, as long as you keep on top of your overheads and you bill for your projects correctly and you just keep an eye on what’s happening with the figures, then for most MSPs finance and cashflow is just not a big issue at all. But I’m aware that not everyone is in exactly this position. In fact, with the difficulties that we’ve seen last year and, of course, this year, it’s continuing this year, we’re at a point now where maybe, just maybe for your business, you should start thinking about doing a financial forecast.Paul Green: Now, what is a financial forecast? It’s a tool that you can use to maintain control of your