September 14, 2022

High demand Franchise business opportunity | Franchise opportunities/One bite franchise/Satyam kirti

High demand Franchise business opportunity | New Business Ideas/ One bite franchise/ Satyam kirti
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“ONE BITE” A Multi Varieties Family Restaurant Chain Offering people to “Be their own Boss” by giving their Franchisee Model at a very Economic Investment with Huge Returns.

Net Profit Percentage ( After deducting every single Expenses like Rent, Salary, Electricity, Food-Cost, Miscelleanous & Royalty );

1. In case of Rented shop : 25% – 30%
2. In case of owned shop : 32% – 38%

Franchise Fees we are Charging for Different Models available @OneBite are ;

1. Takeaway model : 4.5 Lacs + GST ( Total Budget : 8 to 10 Lacs )
2. Standalone Model : 5 Lacs + GST ( Total Budget : 11 to 14 Lacs )
3. Dine-In Model : 5 Lacs + GST ( Total Budget : 15 Lacs )

1. Franchise Fees Covers On-Job Training of Staffs ;

F&B Manager would be coming with One Head Chef and One Kitchen Supervisor at the time of opening of Outlet for a Limited period of Time, Parallely Franchise Partners has to hire Two Staffs for Kitchen, One for Counter and One for House Keeping.

F&b manager would be coming for Opening of Outlet for Complete 5 ( 3+2 ) Days : Will be on Franchisor’s Payroll.
Head Chef for 30 ( 3+27 ) Days : Will be on Franchisee’s Payroll.
Kitchen Supervisor for 45 ( 3 + 42 ) Days : Will be on Franchisee’s Payroll.

( All the Travelling related during the Opening of Outlet by our Staffs will be Borne by the Franchisee)

2. All the travelling Related to BD Head & Operation Head will be borne by Company ;

– BD head travelling : For property survey and approval.
– Operation Head travelling : To coordinate with the Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber and Masson to check the designing work of outlet.

3. Franchise Fees Benefits : We are having the same vendor which supplies spices to many Renowned International Brands.

4. Franchise Fees Includes the Promotional activities done by the Franchisor at the time of Opening of Outlet like the Paid Promotions on All Social Platforms for complete 12 to 15 days Prior and after the Opening of Outlet.

5. After every Quarter we try to add Some new Variety in our Menu, So making that Dish Available at every Single Franchise Outlet is also gets Covered in Benefits of Franchise Fees.

6. Franchise Fees Includes the best 3D Designing cost, Menu designs, Opening soon designs, Graphics designs, AutoCAD designs and designing of Promotional banners like Hoardings.

8. Franchise fees includes the provision of Relocation too, in case if we have to shift the outlet to some other property in any chance, than again all the designs and 3D Layouts would be required, that would be done for free of cost at that Time.

Ph : +91- 8929060732 |
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