January 15, 2023

How to convert JPG to PDF (free, online) in 1 MINUTE (HD 2020)

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You are asking yourself how to convert JPG to PDF? In this tutorial your are going to learn it in simple steps while using a free online JPG to PDF converter.

Please keep in mind that the use of an online tool means that your PDF documents will be uploaded to an external server. So please don’t use it for any sensitive documents:
► https://www.ilovepdf.com/jpg_to_pdf

First we will choose an online conversion tool. Since the tool “IlovePDF” convinced me with its conversion quality, I am going to use it in this tutorial (see the link above). When we open the tool we click on “Select JPG images” and choose our file from the computer. Then we can choose if we want the orientation of the PDF to be portrait or landscape, if we want the PDF to have standard sizes like “US letter” or “DIN A4” and if we want to add a margin around the images.
Afterwards we just need to hit the button “Convert to PDF” and the PDF converter will generate the PDF file. The PDF file will be automatically downloaded after the conversion is done. If the PDF file isn’t automatically downloaded, just hit the button “Download PDF”.

Why all that?
PDF files are nowadays standard for applications but also for office use. The reason for that is, that PDFs can be opened on almost every computer and the formatting will not be lost.
Now it can happen that you have a JPG file (e.g. a scanned certificate) and need to convert the JPG to PDF, so you can send it in an application. And this is what you learn here.

This tutorial for the #PDF #converter works for Windows as well as Mac.

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