September 30, 2022

Kiss My SaaS – Ep. 5 – Build, scale and sell an MSP business

What links Bon Jovi, recurring revenue models, and an MSP exit strategy?
Tune into Episode 5 of Kiss My SaaS, the podcast for the modern MSP, to find out!

Explore how you can build, scale, and eventually sell your MSP with host Craig Weir and special guest Greg Onoprijenko, Director of Cloud Sales, U.S., at Ingram Micro Cloud. Understand the importance of operational models and financial rigor – all in a day’s work for the Kiss My SaaS podcast.

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Listen to the Kiss my SaaS curated music playlist:

00:55 Meet special guest Greg Onoprijenko

02:40 From photocopiers to Director of Sales

03:30 Advice to give your younger self in the tech industry

04:19 MSPs should be looking at this investment area

05:00 Build, scale, and sell your MSP

05:20 How to build a solid foundation for a successful business

06:25 How to scale your MSP

07:18 Focus on recurring revenue

07:40 Balancing a business and responsibilities

09:22 Pivoting points in a business

11:50 Business Continuity

12:50 What’s a fail-over?

14:40 How do you handle cash flow?

16:18 How to hire the right people?

17:30 The right time to sell your business

20:18 Key things to note when selling your MSP business

21:55 Tunes, Bon Jovi and Cloud Sales

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