December 3, 2022

Managed IT Services | Disaster Recovery Planning | Business Continuity Webinar Recording | Utah

This is part 3 in a Applied Integration’s 3-part managed IT services webinar series on back-ups. disaster recovery planning, and business continuity. In this video, the owner of Applied Integration goes into detail what is essential to include when crafting an IT Disaster Recovery Plan.

Don has 25 years of experience in managed IT services in salt lake city and opened Applied Integration as an IT Managed Service Provider to salt lake city, Utah and business owners nationwide. Our goal with this webinar series is to educate business owners in Salt Lake City, Utah on why backups are important, what disaster planning involves and how to implement a disaster recovery plan in your business.

Applied Integration has started doing monthly webinars on various topics related to Manage IT Services in Salt Lake City. Those topics include the following:
IT Managed Services
IT Management Services
Security Services
Cyber Security
Disaster Recovery
Business IT Strategic Planning
Password Management
Phishing Emails
Spear Phishing Emails
IT Solutions when coming back from remote working
IT Solution as business transition into a remote / virtual working enviornment
IT Solutions for small business owners
IT Managed Services in Utah
and so much more.

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