October 29, 2022

The Best Software To Run An Online Business

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In this video I want to introduce to a powerful piece of business and marketing software that you may not be familiar with yet. Even though they have over 10 million users and it’s still growing every day and I find that they’re still one of my best kept secrets, and something that clients ask me about all the time.

This powerful little software helps me run my agency, manage my team, onboard new clients, and basically just makes my life as a business owner a whole lot easier.

It gives you the ability to create new forms from scratch, choose from over 10,000 different templates, add one of more than 400 different widgets, and can basically integrate with anything out there.

Long story short, if you need a product order form, a course registration form, a new customer registration form, a paypal business payment form, a feedback form, a customer satisfaction survey form, or literally any other kind of form you could ever imagine, you can do it all… but there’s also so much more.

And no matter what kind of business you have or what kind of industry there’s a template that will fit. From a simple contact form to a more robust payment or survey form. Or you can always build one from scratch if you’re more the do-it-yourselfer kinda person.

The software is called JotForm, and I was excited when they reached and offered to partner with me to help bring you this video, because I’m pretty sure it can help you, just like it has for me.

So let me pull back the curtains a little bit, and show you how I use it in my business, and of course, I’ll also put a link in the description box below this video so you can get started today for absolutely free.

So make sure to check out JotForm here: https://aerh.co/jotform

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